'It’s a suffering tape, it’s a terrible tape': Trump says 'no reason' for him to hear Khashoggi death recording

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said there is no reason for him to listen to a recording of the “very violent, very vicious” killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, which has put him in a diplomatic bind: how to admonish Riyadh for the slaying yet maintain strong ties with a close ally.

The MTA just told us that it’s giving up on doing better

New York is the country’s mass-transit leader — and if America is to continue to grow without condemning people to hours-long car commutes on ever-wider highways, the rest of the country will have to emulate its apartment-style living and dependence on trains and buses. Why, then, are New York’s supposedly progressive, environmentally minded leaders turning their backs on the subway system?

Remembering the victims of the Squirrel Hill Synagogue Massacre

Remembering the victims of the Squirrel Hill Synagogue Massacre

IKEA opens its doors to stray dogs and lets them sleep on the rugs

The shop's staff in Catania, Italy have even pampered and fed the dogs, with some of the lucky canines going on to be adopted by staff.

Firms to build satellite parts in UK

The satellite components will be made in Portsmouth and Stevenage before being assembled in France.